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Yoga Essence Retreat comes from the desire to bring
the profound sense of Yoga in the too often rushing western world

The world Yoga means Union and represents the end of the duality of the mind. As indicated in the ‘yogic bible’ Yoga Sutras of the sage Patanjali, through eight limbs, Yoga digs towards the inner core of the individual to find the true essence hidden inside and experience liberation of the Soul.

The aim of Yoga Essence Retreat is to provide a practical experience of the various limbs of Yoga through yoga and meditation retreats in beautiful locations along Europe and India.
The practice of asana, pranayama and meditation is supported by a true intention to transmit the real value of all these techniques, useful not only to find a balance in body-mind but created to lead the sincere practitioner toward the discovery of him/herself.

Techniques and tools from different traditions are used to create a multi-dimensional approach to address the issues of the modern human being: asana classes, pranayama, yoga nidra and ancient meditation techniques are supported by contemporary active meditations, self-grow techniques and mantra chanting where sincerity and totality is preferred to seriousness and perfection, and the body-mind can find full expression through music, dance and less confining into structures and rules.

From morning till evening the participants will be guided in a friendly, supportive and professional atmosphere to experience the joy of sharing and the peace of their own inner silence, in the relaxed comfort of a full included packages (see details of each single program).

“I have been the first time to India to deepen my knowledge in Yoga through courses and I have immediately felt a different approach to it: what in Europe is often confused with a mere exercise has here a deeper connotation.

Here Yoga is not a sport but a tradition, a culture deep rooted since thousands of years and the translation of its meaning, union, expresses itself through the importance given not only to the Physical body but to the deeper ones too, the Pranic and the Mental, with the aim to touch the deepest one, the Bliss Body.

I came to Rishikesh by coincidence and decided to join one of its thousands of available courses: as a Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher I was feeling the need to have a wider knowledge in the spiritual part of Yoga to have the chance to transmit my students that it is not only a physical activity. I choose then for the intense Meditation Teacher Training Course at Yoga Essence Rishikesh, where Swami Dhyan Samarth was my teacher. From that experience has started a nice friendship and after my return in Europe we have been in touch during my yoga teaching abroad. Then decided to come back to Rishikesh joining Yoga Essence Rishikesh as a yoga teacher and, from there, starting cooperating for the growth of the school being actively involved on the organisation of events, courses and communication.

Considering myself blessed for the possibility had to experience the real essence of Yoga, I have decided to create yogaessenceretreat to share this beautiful gift with fellow spiritual seekers.”

– Prem Shanti –

Our Yoga Teachers


(Prem Shanti)


(Jai Aatma)






yoga teacher training review by Derya, Germany

Derya Germany

I have completed the incredible transformational 175 Hrs Meditation Teacher Training at Yoga Essence in Rishikesh. I feel so grateful and blessed to have found my way to this course and to have been learned from our proficient teachers Samarth and Francesca. They gave so much love, time and energy to every one of us.
This course and the experience I have made with the lovely team is a life-changing gift. They have welcomed me very heartily and treated me like family.
I recommend this course to anyone who is searching for different kinds of meditations and deep self-transformation.
A piece of my heart will always be here with the beautiful people and the lessons I shared and learned. Thank you so much for everything. Namaste.

yoga teacher training review by Sandy, South Africa

Sandy South Africa

We had the pleasure of having Francesca as a visiting therapist and yoga practitioner at our Six Senses Spa at the Zil Payson resort in Seychelles.
Her passion and dedication to the practice was evident in her classes and the many compliments received from the guests that participated in these group and private classes.
The variety of classes offered catered for all levels of experience.

yoga teacher training review by chitra

Chitra India

I am really grateful to have being part of Meditation TTC at Yoga Essence Rishikesh. I have such a very deep experience during the course and enjoyed every single moment here. Swami Samarth you are a great teacher and your explanation, demo and your inspiration during our practice is a wonderful part of this course. I thanks and salute to you and Francesca, both are balance teachers. I like your way of teaching.

During the course I learned some powerful meditation techniques which are really helpful to release your stress, strain, suppressed emotions, feelings etc. for deep relaxation and meditation. I would like to keep my practice in future. Thanks a lot to the all team for providing beautiful space.

yoga teacher training review by rinaldo

Rinaldo Switzerland

With Francesca I had a really positive experience of inner personal grow.
With her I had some private sessions and each of them has been pure pleasure, where I could switch off with everything, having the chance to connect with myself, calm down the breath, feel my own body.
Every day we focused on different part of the body, always starting from a centering phase and a progressive warm up, and thanks to this I have started to know myself with a deeper perception.
After our meetings I have felt really well, physically and mentally both! I would recommend to do the same to all those feel themselves a bit stuck, because of their own posture but mostly due to a frenetic lifestyle.

A cure-all, specially after a long working day!

Code of Ethics

As teachers at Yoga Essence Retreat we agree to uphold the highest professional standards as set forth in the following Code of Ethics.

We acknowledge the sensitive nature of the student-teacher relationship and recognize that ethical behaviour is the foundation of all good yoga practice. We believe that it is the responsibility of the yoga teacher to ensure a safe and protected environment in which a student can grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

We welcome all students with respect and friendliness and do not discriminate against or refuse professional help to anyone on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national origin.

We make only realistic statements regarding the benefits of yoga, make responsible decisions to determine if and when we can assist a student, and use our yogic knowledge and skills only for their benefit.

We establish and maintain professional relationship boundaries at all times.

We understand that all forms of sexual behaviour or harassment with students is unethical, and use only appropriate methods of touch when assisting students.

We conduct our public and private affairs with honesty in all financial, material, emotional and spiritual interactions.

We respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students, and treat all communications from students with professional confidence.

Code of Conduct

Discipline is an integral part of the training program and so the retreat routine must be strictly observed.

Absenting yourself from the scheduled program without prior information of the teacher or staff concerned would be construed as a gross breach of discipline and respect.

Ensure you are on time for class or you will not be permitted to enter any class once it has commenced to avoid disturbances toward the other participants.

Positive, team-oriented, optimistic attitude is a requirement for all participants. Disruptive, rude, or negative behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the retreat.

A student must intimate in advance if they intend to skip a meal so that there will be no wastage of food.

Before departure of Yoga Essence participants must clear all dues and return all library books, if taken.

Smoking, alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted during the retreat. Is it not permitted to bring in the premises non-vegetarian food.

Yoga Essence Retreat does not make arrangements for guests of students. Any activity which is not related to the retreat is not allowed.

Disrespect to rules and regulations could result in termination of the program with no refund of fee.